Het Kadehuisje in Middelharnis (NL)

The Bed & Breakfast Gift Card can now also be used in Europe, such as Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Scotland and very soon in Germany. In addition, the B&B card is a suitable gift for lovers of hiking, biking, adventure, culture, citytrips, sailing, motorcycling, horseriding, skiing or for sunbathing by the pool/beach.

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Hikingroutes in The Netherlands or abroad

The Pieterpad is the most famous long-distance hikingtrail of The Netherlands. The route runs from Pieterburen near the Groningse Wadden Sea to the St. Pietersmountain, not far from Maastricht, and has a length of about 492 kilometers, divided into 26 stages. There are of course more trails that run throughout The Netherlands, so there is a lot to choose from. Also you can enjoy many beautiful and adventurous trails abroad, such as in Scotland, Belgium, France, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Italy and Germany. Are you going for a multi-day trip, then we advise you to spend the night in Bed & Breakfast, where hospitality and personal attention are paramount. Plan your route and find out on our site at which B&B you can use the Giftcard.

Relax in The Netherlands or abroad

When life is busy, it is difficult to find a moment of peace. Relaxation is necessary to allow the body and mind to recover from exertion. Everyone has his own way of achieving this, through walking, meditating or biking, but you can also choose to lay down at the pool/beach at one of our affiliated Bed & Breakfasts in The Netherlands or abroad. In an oasis of peace you will be able to regain your energy, allowing you to go back at work fresh and rested.

Cyclingroutes in The Netherlands or abroad

The Netherlands are a real cyclingcountry with safe, comfortable bikepaths, which are nice and flat, allowing you to ride from one landscape to another. It is very easy to find a beautiful cyclingroute, as The Netherlands have more than 30,000 km of marked bikeroutes. Nowhere in the world are so many cyclists riding around on such a small area. No matter where you are cycling, in The Netherlands or abroad, by using a bicycle you get closer to the locals and their culture. In addition, it will allow you to enjoy more of the environment than by car. Obviously you will require a good condition and it is healthy. If you are going for a multi-day trip, we advise you to stay the night in a Bed & Breakfast, where hospitality and personal attention are paramount. Plan your route and find out on our site at which B&B you can use the Giftcard.

On an adventure in The Netherlands or abroad

Are you always in motion and looking for adventure in combination with an overnight stay at a Bed & Breakfast, then you’ve come to the right place. Are you a fan of horseriding, sailing, abseiling, rafting, mountainbiking , kite surfing, amusementparks or you just want to explore the neighbourhood on a scooter, we can make it all happen. As you may have figured out the Bed & Breakfast is no longer a dowdy residence. It’s even better than a hotel, as you get personal attention without being a number. Very often you can enjoy the activity at your B&B, otherwise not far from the residence. It obviously applies to all Bed & Breakfasts in foreign countries, where you can choose to stay active instead of being lazy at the pool or otherwise a combination of both .

The Van Gogh tour in the Netherlands or abroad

During his life Van Gogh mainly lived in The Netherlands, Belgium and France and for a short while he worked in England. Of the 37 years that he lived, only 12 years were as a painter, but in this short period Van Gogh produced more than 200 paintings and over 400 drawings. Fortunately, most of the work has been kept by the family and was handed over to the Dutch state in 1962. This led to the foundation of the Van Gogh Museum, which opened its doors on June 2, 1973. In Europe, his work can be admired at the following locations:

        • Kröller Müller, Otterlo
        • Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
        • Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
        • Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam
        • Noordbrabants Museum, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
        • Musée d’Orsay, Parijs
        • Musée Rodin, Parijs
        • Louvre, Parijs

Besides the museums, you also have the opportunity to visit locations in The Netherlands where Van Gogh has lived and worked, such as:

          • Van Gogh House Drenthe (1883) => Established in New Amsterdam it is the only house in The Netherlands, which is accessible to the public, where you can see how Vincent van Gogh has lived and worked. Through a guided tour they will tell you a few things about his life and the history of this unique property that has been restored and furnished as it was in 1883.
          • Van Gogh Village Brabant (1883 – 1885) => At this location in Nuenen you will learn more about the human side of Van Gogh and of the period in which he became the famous painter. Outside there are as many as 23 locations that remind of Van Gogh, of which 14 are painted or sketched by him.

A biketrail allows you to see it all on a bike. This year the trail has been granted the title of “the European cycle route of the year”. A part of the route is special, due to the thousand sparkling rhinestones incorporated into the tarmac, as fragments of Van Gogh’s painting “The Starry Night”. During the day they take the light and give it back in the evening. The total length of the biketrial is 335 km and it is divided into five stages. There is also a larger version, from Nuenen through Antwerp and Brussels, to Paris. In total 900 km of trail that can be done over a period of 12 days. In 1885, Van Gogh decided to move to Antwerp at the Long Beeldekenstraat. The city created the Van Gogh-route, so you can visit all the major sites in a relaxed manner. This also applies to Brussels where he lived twice. In 1886, Van Gogh left Belgium to live with his brother Theo in Paris at the Rue Lepic 54, Montmartre. Once again you will be able to follow the Van Gogh-route and visit all the major sites. Eventually Van Gogh moved in 1888 to the South of France at Arles in the Camargue. He lived in the yellow house on the Place Lamartre. During this period Vincent was  very productive and worked near Arles, where he made numerous paintings and drawings. Here again, you can find the Van Gogh-route as in the other cities. Eventually Van Gogh died on July 30, 1890 at Auvers-sur-Oise, just north of Paris.

The Bed & Breakfast Gift Card can be used everywhere, because we are represented in The Netherlands, Belgium and France. If you want to visit several places at once, we can arrange transportation for you in The Netherlands and abroad. This could be a bike, car, taxi, bus or private airplane. This last option can be very interesting, if you want to visit several cities in Europe in a short time. It allows you to avoid the International airports and to land at the local airports close to your chosen destination. Therefore you will lose less time and enjoy more of  your precious vacation. Combinations with other attractions such as Kinderdijk , Giethoorn , etc. are also possible. For a quote please state your wishes by e- mail.

Vincent van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh 1853 – 1890

Ophaalbrug in Nieuw-AmsterdamDrawbridge at Nieuw-Amsterdam 1883

Het Kerkje in Nuenen The church at Nuenen

Verlichte fietspad Van GoghIlluminated bike lane on the theme “The Starry Night”

Citytrips in The Netherlands or abroad

The Bed & Breakfast Gift Card is a great gift for those who like to visit a city on weekends or during the holiday period. Ideal for a break, allowing you to go away for a few days and to stay at one of our B&B’s of your choice. If you love shopping, visiting museums or you want to enjoy an outdoor cafe, everything is possible. Besides the big cities, it might be interesting to visit a smaller town once in a while, because very often they have something special, like the Geopark de Hondsrug, which extends from Groningen to Coevorden. Maybe an other choice would be, sailing at Giethoorn, also called the small Venice of The Netherlands or Kinderdijk, famous for its windmills. In regard to the cities abroad, it is basically the same story. In addition to Paris, Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Milan, Budapest, etc., which are a must, there are also some small towns that are waiting to be discovered.

Sailing in The Netherlands or abroad

If you want to relax, but at the same time sniff some local culture, then sailing is one of the most special Bed & Breakfast holidays. You can decide where you want to stop to explore the area and spend the night. In The Netherlands we have very nice routes, such as the Elfstedentocht, where you sail through the Frisian landscape and the associated villages as the skaters do in the winter. You can also opt for Giethoorn or the Biesbosch, but abroad is also an option, where the beauty of Europe’s most beautiful rivers, canals and lakes will amaze you. The choice is wider than you think, because you can go to Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, England, Ireland and Scotland. If you sail a multi-day itinerary, we recommend you to use one of our affiliated Bed and Breakfasts for the nights, where hospitality and personal attention are paramount. 

Wintersport abroad

The wintersport enthusiasts are looking forward to the wintermonths, when it is time for them to take off. If you have received a Bed & Breakfast Gift Card, we recommend you to use one of the B&B’s affiliated to us. At this moment we have the following ski-destinations: Scotland, Austria, the French Pyrenees and the Alps. Each location has its own charm and associated facilities. The choice is yours!

Motorcycletrails throughout Europe

Motorcycling is freedom, you can plan a route or just see where it leads you. In The Netherlands there are, as well as throughout Europe, beautiful trails and probably many which have not yet been discovered. In The Netherlands we have a very special one, namely the Elfstedentocht. Allowing you to drive 200 km through the Frisian countryside or in other words, eleven Frisian cities. If you have already seen everything in The Netherlands, you may want to choose a route abroad, for example through the Austrian mountains, the beautiful Hungarian countryside or the very special Scottish Highlands. If you are going for a multi-day itinerary, we advise you to use a Bed & Breakfast for an overnight, where hospitality and personal attention are paramount. Plan your route and find out on our site at which B&B you can use the Giftcard .

Horseriding in The Netherlands or abroad

If horseriding is your passion, you’ve come to the right place. We have several Bed & Breakfasts that are affiliated to us, where you can rent a horse on site or take your own horse with you for the duration of your stay. At the other B&B’s it is possible to rent a horse at a ridingschool nearby. It also applies to our foreign B&B’s in Europe.

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